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We are the experts regarding requirements management. Benefit from our experience and our professional and reliable way of working.


Intermiranda supports you to take the right decision regarding your market situation. Convince yourself.


Our advantages in the overview:

We are working for more than 14 years in the requirement management and engineering field and have profund experiences in areas like defense, automotive, aerospace and vehicle electronics.

We offer a broad variety of different tools and interfaces.  We are specialized in tools for versioning administration, project managment and requirements management.

Our focus is a target oriented and pragmatic usage of tools always considering the needs of the customer.

Jan Witte

Owner / DOORS Spezialist / Technology Evangelist


Jan Witte has been working more than 14 years in the area of requirements management / requirements engineering and has strong experience in the automotive and defense area, aerospace, automotive electronics and embedded software development. As a Certified Professional Telelogic and IBM Rational Business Partner, he has a broad variety of knowledge and training skills.


Your experts for requirements management

Nina Menke

IT-Consultant / DOORS Coach


Nina Menke works as an IT Conusltant and supports clients in various industries in the planning and implementation of portal projects. She advices the user with the introduction of Intrexx. Through the automation of work processes and the integration of data from existing systems the efficiency of companies can be increased. Nina is also responsible for the creation of training materials for several tools (including IBM Rational DOORS), offers trainings and solves the support requests of the clients.


Tel: +49 8441 / 4792 228 | Mobil: +49 171 / 641 50 78 | Fax: ​+49 8441 / 4792 224

Mail: j.witte(at)


Tel: +49 30 / 609 849 88​ | Mobil: ​+49 171 / 14 83 164 | Fax: +49 30 / 609 849 87

Mail: n.menke(at)

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